> Fault Tolerant E/E Architecture For Automated Driving [3.441 KB]
Busan, Korea, September 2016

> Daten- und Energiebordnetz – ein zukunftsorientierter Ansatz [4.133 KB]
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> Teilnahme am Praxisforum der Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt am 14.11.2017 [477 KB]
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> Power Distribution and Functional Safety in the Context of Highly Automated Driving [1.831 KB]
Forum Bordnetze von Bayern Innovativ, November 2015

> Active Engine-Off Coasting using 48V: Economic reduction [453 KB]
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> E/E Architecture Proposals for Automated Driving and their Failure Robustness [1.115 KB]
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>Einfluss der Funktionalen Sicherheit auf die Bordnetzentwicklung [1.001 KB]
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> Design of a Robust Adaptive Vehicle Observer towards Delayed and Missing Vehicle Dynamics Sensor Signals by Usage of Markow Chains [869 KB]
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> Challenges of the one pair automotive Ethernet from the wiring harness point of view [1.861 KB]
Advanced Automotive Cabling, Juni 2013

> Robust Vehicle Observer to Enhance Torque Vectoring in an electricle Vehicle [1.926 KB]
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> Simulation Environment for Evaluation of Micro Hybrid Architectures and Strategies [3.720 KB]
HdT Fachtagung EEHE 2013, April 2013